Important Consumer Refund Info

CRV Redemption

California Refund Value (CRV) is the amount paid by consumers at the checkout stand and paid back to consumers when they recycle eligible aluminum, plastic, glass and bi-metal beverage containers at certified recycling centers. The minimum refund value established for each type of eligible beverage container is 5 cents for each container under 24 ounces and 10 cents for each container 24 ounces or greater.


for California Redemption Value (CRV)

  • Beer and Malt Beverages
  • Wine Coolers
  • Carbonated Fruit Drinks,
    Water, or Soft Drinks
  • Noncarbonated Fruit
    Drinks, Water, or Soft
  • Coffee and Tea Beverages
  • 100% Fruit Juice less than 46 oz.
  • Vegetable Juice 16 oz. or less

Not Eligible

for California Redemption Value (CRV)

  • Milk
  • Medical Food
  • Infant Formula
  • Wine
  • Spirits
  • 100% Fruit Juice 46 oz. or
  • 100% Vegetable Juice
    more than 16 oz.
  • Food and Non-Beverage

When in Doubt

Check the label on the container

  • “California Redemption Value”
  • “CA Redemption Value”
  • “California Cash Refund”
  • “CA CRV”
  • “CA Cash Refund”

Per-Container Redemption vs. By Weight

Customers may request to be paid by count for up to 50 CRV beverage containers of each material type per day: 50 glass, 50 aluminum, 50 plastic. Daily load limits of empty CRV beverage containers are 100 pounds each for aluminum and plastic, and 1,000 pounds for glass. Any consumer who has been denied this right by a recycling center can file a complaint via email or by calling 1-800-RECYCLE.

Redeem Clean, Eligible Containers

Make sure your containers are whole and free of contaminants such as dirt, excessive liquid or other foreign substances. If you are being paid by weight, make sure the load contains only eligible CRV beverage containers.

Non-CRV Materials

State law requires recycling centers to pay California Redemption Value (CRV) refunds for loads that contain ONLY eligible CRV beverage containers. Non-CRV materials must be removed from the load, or the recycling center may reject the load or pay only the scrap value for the material.

Complaints and Contacts

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